In this season of my life, I have been met with great trials and testing and at times, I have wondered if God had totally forgotten me. But I continue to keep crying out to Him and in turn, He comes and strengthens me all over again.

Jesus never said walking with Him would be a piece of cake, but He did say that “He would never leave us or forsake us”. When we go through tough times, especially when we are sick, we feel that we are totally out of control and at times, life seems to overwhelm us. Satan then comes along, sowing “fear and disbelief”, and it’s in these times that we find ourselves at war.

When I think about war I instantly think about warriors; I imagine them in some sort of heavy metal armor, wearing heavy helmets and holding large swords that were sharp enough to do some serious damage, like hacking off heads of their enemy. They followed their great king into battle knowing they may live or die, but they were prepared to give their all.

We have a great King, and His name is Jesus. He not only leads us into battle, but He also stands with us and many times, fights on our behalf. Walking by faith is not walking by what we see and understand; faith is walking and believing when we don’t see or understand. Like when the wind blows through the trees and we don’t know where it comes from. So, we must trust God and know, and believe, that He is in the situation and He is in total control. 

Life always throws a curve ball at us somewhere, but the important thing to remember is, God has our back; If we never get to go through trials, we would never grow or mature in God. One thing we must also remember is, when we are going through troubled waters, we need to listen to what God is saying to us; if we are so focused on the thing we are going through at that time, we may miss out on the plans God has for that situation. 

So, for me, I must press onward and trust Him in the midst of the storm and know that eventually, the waves will cease, and the wind will become calm. Be encouraged brothers and sisters in Christ! Know that He, Jesus the king, is in the midst of your battle with you. You have the clothes for battle and the weapons to fight! Stay in the word, trust Him and keep hacking off the enemy heads and eventually, you will stand firm and strong; You will burst forth bearing new fruit.

Aim for victory!

Go ahead… I dare you!

Pastor Linda

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  1. I loved this!!!! So many of us feel like were fighting a battle and never winning and also doing it alone. Because living by faith is a hard road to walk on .

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