Being asked to write a blog was funny to me at first because I thought, “who me? But, I’m not a writer! I can’t even spell well!” However, I felt that I had something to say and something persisted within my heart. So, I knew it was the Lord at this point and not just me. As the new year has come, everyone has been asking me, “what do you feel the new year is bringing?” In reality, I could not answer that question; I really had no clue and wasn’t going to just make something up. Honestly, I just really had nothing. It’s not like I had no vision; I just felt like I had to wait and therefore, this has been what I have been doing: waiting to hear his voice and more specifically, his whisper. 

As a mom of a soon-to-be 10 year old, I have found that I need to hear God’s voice more clearly now than ever before. Specifically, with the questions my daughter has been asking me lately, I have had to rely quite a bit on prayer in order to help me answer correctly and more importantly, with love. The times we live in with children is so much different now; The topics are way more “out there” than ever before. Generally speaking, how do we deal with the questions and answers in a way where we can show our children to not look differently at others or their friends? When my daughter came to me and told me her friend, who is a girl, would now like to be called “Joel” because she is going to be going through “changes” in order to become boy, I was shocked. I would never have expected to be presented with these types of questions from someone who is nine years old. The reality though is I was, and my only hope is, that I answered in a loving way. 

This is why we need to hear his voice more: when these moments come, we can respond with love and in a way which will also show my daughter how to respond accordingly as well. When it comes to being a mom, I am learning as I go, but I thank God I have him in my life; I would have no clue what I would do without him. He makes life so much easier than it really has to be. Staying close to him is what gets me through the day and through this crazy world we live in. So, in these moments and times, draw close to his voice. This way, when you are at that moment where you feel like your drowning, you can listen and hear his faint whisper.

5 Replies to “Learning as I go…”

  1. Great word Cass!
    You are a great Mom and an amazing woman of God. In these days things are harder and not like it was back in our days.
    Its God we must lean on in these areas and address these kind of issues in love and much wisdom.

  2. Thank you Cassie. We are in some of the best, yet also most difficult of times. 😊. You have an awesome heart and it’s filled with lots of great things! Sort of like God’s holy Easter eggs. (For those who do not speak “Tech-ese”, Easter eggs are hidden “goodies” in compute software, DVDs and other things like video games.). Cassie, you have loads of Easter eggs. Thanks for sharing this one! 😎

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