John –
“I came to know a beautiful church (Firepoint) with beautiful pastors, who came into our lives. This beautiful couple of pastors (David and Jeanie Richardson) came into the hospital when I was convalescent! My wife was next to my bed when they appeared; it was like a bigger relief from our situation. It was like fresh clean water when you are really thirsty. It makes us cry because thinking back, this was one of the toughest moments for my wife and I. I clearly remember looking up in the sky, through the ceiling of the hospital and thinking, what else can happen? And that’s when they appeared. That’s why I give, to my beautiful pastors, a hug and a kiss; it’s a good feeling knowing that GOD will send my beautiful pastors again when I am in need. To my other future brothers and sisters, God probably has a plan for them too. Thank you pastors for being the generous and humble people you are!”

Kymm –
“The Lord knows exactly what we need. When my husband and I were looking for a church, we really needed fellowship. We needed “community”. As long-time believers, we knew the importance of having a church community around us. On the morning of our first Sunday at Firepoint, we were praying exactly that: “Lord we need community” Well, after worship, Pastor Jeanie got up and said, “we are a community, if you don’t know the person next to you, invite them out for coffee after church”. That was the first of many “ah-ha” moments that day and everyday thereafter, confirming that we had found our home.”

Mike –
“Hi everyone, my wife and I joined together with Pastors David and Jeanie about 7 years ago when Firepoint was first being conceived. We saw their need and wanted to be a part of a new church plant, especially as it was in our neighborhood. Well, we started the church in a school, and eventually rented the banquet hall at the Angeles National Golf Club. Our goal has been to see God move in our locality, to see the Holy Spirit move on people, no matter where they are from or what they have done. Thank God we serve a forgiving savior who came to set us free from our past lives. My wife and I have been made pastors at Firepoint, and now see our responsibility has grown. But we still want God to move in our community; we love his presence at Firepoint and desire a personal relationship with our savior. I am thankful to our pastors, David and Jeanie, because they are not pastors who hold you back; they encourage your growth and want God to fulfill his gifts through our lives. Well, enough said! God is awesome and has full reign in our church, Firepoint.”

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