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Firepoint was officially planted on 12/12/12 with a very simple goal in mind: to reach the Sunland/Tujunga and surrounding areas and additionally, empower people by helping them connect with God in order to reach their full potential. We invite you to join us Sunday mornings and see for yourself how fulfilling church can be when you are equipped to follow Jesus with passion!

Reluctant to attend or go back to church? Do you feel like you keep repeating the same routine over and over in your life but always wind up feeling empty? We want to tell you that Jesus loves you and gave everything for you on the cross. Through the power of his blood, we are redeemed and forgiven!

Upcoming Events and Announcements

Registration for the upcoming “Warring Bride: Reigning As His Queen” women’s conference is now open. Click the image below to register!

Join us for Sunday morning service at 10 AM

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“Holy Spirit Driven”, our latest speaking series, is now available.