Do you offer Sunday school for children?

Absolutely! At Firepoint, introducing our children to Jesus and showing them how to maintain a relationship with him is paramount. Our children’s church is lead by Tony and Teresa Atkins, two of our wonderful church members who are dedicated to leading and supporting our youth.

What is the church’s position on giving?

We believe that each individual will be lead to give as they see fit. Furthermore, we stand in complete faith that God will continue to handle all of the financial needs of our church, which often times, comes in the form of our congregation giving and sowing abundantly. To summarize, at Firepoint, we do believe that tithing is a biblical principle. However, we don’t believe in burdening or pressuring anyone to give. Instead, we encourage people to only give with a cheerful heart in order to further God’s kingdom.

What is Firepoint Church’s mission?

Simply put, our mission is to make our surrounding community the hardest place to go to hell from. Through the teachings of a solid biblical word, love from our Pastors and congregation, as well as various outreach programs that we sponsor, our goal is to lead as many people to Christ as possible.